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An image showing a lingerie

How to Start a Lingerie Shop in the US

The lingerie industry is a very happening, profitable, and prevalent one in North America, especially the USA.  Those interested or those who have the skill of fashion designing can choose to run a lingerie business...

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Women in Bikini

How to Source Wholesale Panties in the USA

The business of selling panties in retail is very profitable. Textile businessmen in the USA make tons of profit from sourcing at cheap rates. As buyers, these businessmen keep the economy of a country like...

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A Couple of Women's Underwear

Benefits Of Buying Panties In Bulk

When it comes down to inexpensive fashion apparel, panties are one of the best items to buy. As a business owner or an individual, buying panties in bulk will always benefit you tenfold because –...

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Should You Wear Underwear to Sleep

Should You Wear Underwear to Sleep?

In a global sleep survey, it has been found that almost 30% of all North Americans sleep naked in their bed. While this practice of sleeping naked is questionable, you might think that it must...

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