Should You Wear Underwear to Sleep?

In a global sleep survey, it has been found that almost 30% of all North Americans sleep naked in their bed. While this practice of sleeping naked is questionable, you might think that it must have some kind of advantages for it to be practiced so widely.

So, with that in mind I’ll talk about the first topic in this no-clothing and partial clothing debate – should you wear underwear to sleep?

Wearing underwear to bed isn’t a bad practice, especially when it’s light, comfortable, and most importantly – breathable. Usually, our bodies remain covered during a long day at work.

And the most sensitive parts of our body rarely get some much-needed comfort for most of the day. Add the weather and humidity on top, you’ve got a pretty heated situation. But that’s just daily life, isn’t it?

Sleep is the only time of the day when your body can feel calm and relaxed all the way through. And what better way to feel relaxed than to wear underwear that makes you feel cool, light, comfortable, and yet feel like you’re wearing nothing. Are you looking for something that checks all these boxes?

If so, then jump right here, and see what others are telling about these products.

Benefits of NOT Wearing Underwear to Sleep

The most delicate parts of your body are the ones you keep covered all day. So, less contact with air and sunlight means there more chances of catching skin problems.

ore so, the extra heat may cause extra problems. Studies suggest, in males, it affects the overall quality of sperms due to the fractured DNA due to overheating.

And in females, it affects the overall vaginal health due to dampness and infections from the long-time enclosure.

So, as long as it doesn’t affect your health, wearing comfortable underwear is good for your health.

But if you prefer to stay all open, that’s okay too. In fact, there are studies that suggest not wearing underwear during sleep is good for health. Here are 5 reasons why:

And last of all, couples who practice sleeping together nude have a tendency to engage in more sexual activities. According to Dr. Ross, this skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin from the brain which creates better bonding and understanding between the couple.

Also, being comfortable with your own body increases your confidence. One way to do that is to sleep with no clothes on. It shows that you’re ready to break the cultural perception of the human body and ready to go over the mental blocks followed by unrealistic standards.

Did you know that 1 in 3 people in the USA and in the UK likes to sleep naked? Much like the Americans, a similar survey shows that 28% and 33% of the people in France and in the UK follow the same sleeping habit. So, it’s quite safe to say that 1 in every 3 people in USA and UK sleep naked which is 5% of the world population.

Benefits of Wearing Underwear to Sleep

While it’s okay to not wear underwear, some medical studies research suggests that wearing underwear is good as long as it does not have a non-breathable lining on the inside. And that’s because non-breathable fabrics lac the pores like cotton fabrics do which helps to keep the temperature balanced. With that in mind, here are 7 reasons why you should wear underwear to sleep:

Maintaining precaution is the way to go. But it is equally important to choose what to wear in order to do it right. This brings us to our next topic.

Choosing the Right Pair of Underwear

Should you choose to wear the best underwear for bed, it must be light, cool, and obviously comfortable. And what you should avoid here is underwear made of lace and synthetic fibers. Even more, there are some design preferences, right?

If you’re going for full cover, choose between briefs or boyshorts. Good cotton underwear is made up of 95% cotton and 5% synthetic material. Cotton dissipates heat better than synthetic materials simply because it has more pores in the fabric.

This allows the air to pass when you’re in motion and thus prevents overheating.

But if you’re going for less cover, maybe a thong or something more cheeky style might suit you. Although some opinions suggest thongs aren’t that comfortable, it’s still a myth. What you should definitely look out for is underwear made of – cotton, cotton gusset, micro modal, and nylon mesh fabric.

What Is the Best Underwear for Sleeping?

The best underwear is purely subjective to one’s preference. But, if you’re looking for suggestions, this underwear brand is the one I’ll surely recommend.

Do check them out here. And as the doctors suggest, if you can find any fabric that –

Any underwear that checks all these conditions can definitely be considered the best.

To Sum It Up

The entire “should you wear underwear to sleep” or not is simply subjective to one’s preferences. Both have some undeniable benefits of their own. More so, there is no definitive medical research that shows hard evidence that wearing underwear is bad.

But, finding the right balance between wearing underwear to sleep and not wearing underwear to sleep should be the right way to go. If you ask me, taking the weekends to stay relaxed in boxers or light underwear is a good practice.

Also, you can sleep 4 days wearing underwear and 3 days without them and see if the balance is well suited for your lifestyle.

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