A Small Business Guide to Buying Wholesale Panties

In the world of small businesses, every dollar counts. But it takes a lot of work to be successful in this industry. You need to be smart about your product sourcing, you need to have a good understanding of your target audience, and you need to be able to outthink and outmarket your competition.

The garments and textile industry is one of the biggest in the world. And the wholesale business in the textile industry is a part of this ecosystem. 

Small businesses, especially the ones active in selling panties, realize the potential of huge profits from this business.  Below we guide you about the buying process of panties in bulk for starting or running a business in that niche. 

Developing an Action Plan

First things first, you should chalk out a strategic plan for purchasing the wholesale panties. You need to have a marketing plan, explaining how you would procure the materials for selling. You should also integrate the financials and selling plan for your retail business. 

In addition, you will have to know the legal matters related to your online small business, especially the ones in your area of sales. Besides getting permits and licenses accordingly, you would also need to determine and manage the business location. It could be offline or online. These will legally support you in purchasing wholesale panties. 

Besides the above, we suggest you set your target market niche, very specifically. This will reduce the cost of purchase as well as sales. The buyer personas of your target market will set the whole selling process of the panties.  

Initiating the Search for Wholesalers

The plan for any buyer or businessman is to buy at a low price but sell at a high price. At least as much as possible. So, your target will be to find the most cost-effective producer of panties to buy in bulk. Given the nature of today’s business communications, searching online is the most effective way. You can access hundreds of wholesalers and Manufacturers worldwide for bikinis of your choice. But, choosing an authentic one is difficult. In addition, there’re many resellers who act as the middleman which results in higher price.

SNM Basic would be a great choice in this context. We manufacture products in our own factory and then sell them at a wholesale price. So the price is often cheaper than other vendors.

We’re one of the top manufacturers of bikinis and panties since 2014. We’ve been exporting panties in bulk to the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, impressing them which each delivery. 

Coming in Contact with Wholesalers

We advise you to contact sellers first, at least once before ordering a bulk. In todays world it’s not necessary to go directly to your wholesaler or ask him to come to your office or shop directly. However, you should try talking with the wholesaler over phone or email communication. 

In many cases, directly contacting the supplier may not be required if you think or know that the selected wholesaler would probably provide quality materials. Also, if the wholesalers themselves don’t have special requirements for buyers, you can simply create an account or email them and place an order. 

In any case, you should go over their websites thoroughly to understand their offerings and learn how to communicate with them. In many cases, you will be required to submit documentary proof of your business’s legitimacy. These documents could be your business profile, business license, business registration, business tax ID, work orders/invoices, etc. 

When communicating with the representative of the seller, make sure you learn about their terms and conditions of doing business, including pricing matters, payment methods, and credit matters. You can visit the contact page of SNM Basic to avail their offers.

Building Long Term Relations with Wholesale Suppliers

Contacting the seller and making the first deal is just the tip of the iceberg.  You should always try to maintain and sustain business relationships with the wholesalers. This will ensure comparatively less spending in your transactions when buying on multiple occasions. You may even get discounts as a long-term buyer. Also, it creates an opportunity for stronger after-sales service. 

In addition, the wholesaler may source you hard-to-find materials that others fail to find. And of course, you may also get favorable credit terms and various other advantages. 

Regardless of the medium of communication, please always be nice and courteous. Make sure you understand the cultural context of your seller. In some areas, lingerie and panties may be a sensitive issue when sold or exported by men. So, acclimate according to their limitations.  When dealing with female sellers, ensure a proper tone and choice of words. 

In general, maintain professionalism in a friendly manner when interacting with wholesalers. Even if they commit a mistake, talk with them in a tone that expresses your disappointment but does not insult or scare them. Give warnings for bad quality products but in a polite manner and voice. But don’t forget to appreciate when the requirements are met.

Always try to clear payments on time. If possible, disburse payment before time. If appropriate, pay in advance accordingly. When giving Work Orders, make sure the language is clear and understandable. If they ask for clarifications, please cooperate to the best of your ability.  

If, on the other hand, the seller delays delivery, please first query them politely about the reason.  Keep your good behavior till the end. Unless they breach the agreement or terms of the relationship, give them proper chances to make up.  

In all circumstances, try to sustain a relationship with your vendor.  An industry like the garments industry or more specifically lingerie indsutry, is always competitive because of the demand. So, you don’t want to lose a quick source of materials. 

Be a Transparent and Trustworthy Buyer

The way you would want transparency from your vendors in business dealings, so would they.

Avoid hiding financial problems that you face when clearing their bills. If you think you need more time to pay or are unable to make the payment right now, ask for an extension. Give them the appropriate reasons for the inability or delay in payment.

If possible, give a portion as an installment payment. This builds trust and empathy.

Setting the Price

Now that you have the vendors or wholesalers, you are ready to sell. It is time for you set the price accordingly. But your pricing strategy should be according to your cost recovery needs and customer purchasing power. However, both these factors create contradictory conditions. 

If you set the pricing too low or even at break-even, you may suffer losses. Your utility costs, administrative costs, marketing costs, etc. may not be fully covered to continue the business. 

On the flip side, if you mark your price up too much, then customers may look elsewhere. You can claim that your quality is top-notch. But someone else out there may be selling the same quality at much lower costs. 

It is a tricky situation for you. No universally accepted rule applies to markup pricing. It all depends on the buyer’s purchasing power and the seller’s cost and profit analysis. We suggest you go for the strategy that best meets your current condition.

To sum up…

Running an apparel business featuring panties or women’s undergarments is profitable but requires smart work. You have to study the market, set your plan, and contact wholesalers to buy the clothes.

Choosing the right supplier for your business is not an easy task but is worth the risk in the long run if you can maintain the relationship well. Because ultimately, their pricing of panties determines your pricing strategy to a good degree. So, get started on purchasing panties in bulk, starting with SNM Basic’s collections

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