How to Save on Buying Wholesale Panties: The Retail Secrets!

As a business owner, you may have had the excitement of buying wholesale panties for your company or store. When you purchase panties in bulk, you get access to a large selection of styles, fabrics, and types from all of the top wholesalers. Additionally, you can choose from different colors and sizes.

While having so many options is fantastic, it could seem intimidating. Of course, the appropriate measurements, hues, and styles are necessary, but you also want the best price for your bulk purchase.

Here are some tips to help you save more on your first or maybe next panty wholesale purchase.

Top Techniques to save on wholesale panties purchase

When it comes to underwear, some brands charge more for a set that, if purchased in bulk from the proper distributor, may cost much less. 

The first step in saving money is choosing to buy something on sale. However, a few more suggestions can help you make your next buy with the quality you want while saving a great deal of cash.

1. Determine your Requirements

You must determine roughly how many pairs of panties you actually require before placing your order. There are two reasons why this is crucial. First, if the purchase is just for you, buying too many will result in a significant financial loss. Second, once you have an approximate number estimate in mind, you can start looking around for the best bargain. 

Generally, the price per piece varies depending on how many you purchase. In other words, if you order 150 pairs of panties, you’ll pay less per pair than if you order 15.

2. Select a supplier who specializes in large orders

A supplier who specializes in large orders must be chosen if you want to receive the best price on the wholesale panties you require. Due to their setup for mass sales, such suppliers provide better prices than, for instance, Walmart. In addition, these suppliers charge less than retailers. But, again, this is because they are there to sell in large quantities. 

In addition, the ordering process will be simple if the seller has a robust online presence. Since using the website will spare you the trouble of physical shopping. Instead, head over to the selected design page and enter each of the body styles and types you require individually.

3. Make the best of Quantity Discounts

You can search for discounts on various orders when buying underwear in bulk. Manufacturers can offer significant discounts for large orders because, occasionally, a seller is eager to reduce its inventory. We, SNM Basic is offering up to an 80% discount when you order cotton panties in bulk.

Different quantity discounts are offered on various bulk orders, and you can select your order by considering the best discounts offered on any given order.

4. Always Keep an Eye Out for the Extra Expenses

Every consideration needs to be made while placing an online order. Along with the price of the things, additional costs like delivery fees and other fees should be taken into account. 

Some wholesalers offer pricing that seems too good to be true just to charge their customers’ high shipping costs. On the other hand, the top suppliers can even provide free shipping and handling. They ensure that there are no unpleasant charge surprises at the register while enabling the consumer to save a sizable chunk of money.

5. Be Aware of Policies

Pay attention to shipping policies if you have a deadline for getting your pair of wholesale underwear. Some suppliers provide their goods at low prices by exporting them from production facilities elsewhere. 

Your order may take weeks or longer to arrive from an overseas warehouse. Although you will initially save some money, if your product does not arrive on time, you could have to place another order with a different vendor.

Therefore, excellent customer service is crucial when you make an online purchase. Before placing a purchase, check the firm’s policies or the FAQ section to be sure you won’t have to pay more to a company that doesn’t care about customer contentment.

 Here is a flowchart representing the reasons which make you purchase underwear online

6. Do Not Forget to Always Request Samples

Before making your wholesale purchase, requesting samples is the most fundamental factor to keep in mind. Asking for samples prevents you from ordering different pairs of panties without checking the quality, colors, or type you require and end up wasting time and money.

The customer is in a better position to select the goods they want when they have access to samples before making their wholesale buy. For instance, if you wish to order a pair of panties in bulk, you can choose your order’s color, fabric, and design by requesting various samples.


There are numerous situations where you would desire to buy underwear in quantity. For example, perhaps you have plans to launch your own underwear shop, or you need to get pants to stock up before moving to a new location. 

You might even buy wholesale underwear to create a budget-friendly wardrobe for yourself. But, regardless of the reason you require bulk panties, after reading the above section, you probably want to acquire the best price on them.

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