Benefits Of Buying Panties In Bulk

When it comes down to inexpensive fashion apparel, panties are one of the best items to buy. As a business owner or an individual, buying panties in bulk will always benefit you tenfold because – it’s cheap, stylish, affordable, and of good quality. Plus, it makes for a steady income from your shop.

According to a survey, underwear makes up about 4% of the total womenswear products market across the USA and UK. And it is expected to reach $78.66 bn in 4 years. Judging from the facts, it’s clear that panties occupy an essential part of a woman’s fashion statement.

If you have a clothing store, your sales record will reflect panties sales producing a good chunk of your income. This makes it essential to keep a steady supply of panties from wholesale suppliers.

However, even with facts, it’s hard to believe that buying cotton panties in bulk is a good investment. So, in this article, I’ve shared some of my insights on the benefits of buying panties in bulk.

Let’s get started.

Cheaper To Buy In Bulk

Spending money on inexpensive fashionable apparel like panties is the least of all stressful decision. And that is why panties drive the sales all around the year. And what better way to keep your stock updated than to contact a wholesale panties seller like us.

You may think that panties account for a small income regarding total sales. However, if you calculate each product’s profit margin, panties will surely top the list. So, the more you purchase, the cheaper rate you get on your products which increases the overall profit of your store.

Ordinarily, buying single panties from Victoria’s Secrets will cost you twice as much for each pair as compared to prices when buying in bulk.

Usually, buying in bulk from Amazon or eBay takes around $36 – 100 and typically serves your purpose quite comfortably.

Getting Variety of Items In One Lot

Since panties cover a large part of your fashion statement, having a whole range of different kinds of panties makes a difference. So it can be anything like – boyshorts, briefs, thongs, cheeky panties, high rise briefs, slip shorts, bikinis, g-string, or whatever. Overall, it just makes your fashion statement complete.

In addition, if you are trying to stock up for your store, it is also a great way to get a good deal. Overall, buying in bulk reduces the overhead price, provides different types of panties, steady sales, etc.


Buying panties in bulk is a real-time saver when you’re frequently buying new panties. In addition, with booming cam show businesses, new content creators sell used panties daily.

So, it’s safe to say that panties have become a quintessential part of a woman’s everyday fashion. So, buying a lot of underwear at a time helps to choose different ones for each occasion, photoshoot, etc.

In a society dominated by social media, celebrities, and influencers, our fashion tastes have transitioned from being minimalistic to bold and loud. And panties cover a large portion of that fashion statement because of the appealing factor.

And because of its versatile and demanding nature, finding each type of panty is challenging for a business owner. So, ordering different types and saving up in advance is more than only time-saving.

Lower Shipping Cost

Buying panties in bulk always comes at a lower shipping cost. Usually, there is a minimal shipping cost, and sometimes it’s also free. Plus, it takes only a few days to get shipped to your address, making the experience even better.

High Quality

Maintaining steady sales in a low-priced and fashionable niche like panties is challenging. However, you cannot expect to retain recurring customers without providing high-quality products.

Moreover, people usually prefer buying trendy items without breaking the bank when they’re inexpensive, affordable, high-quality, and comfortable.

It’s hard to trust one supplier to provide all kinds of high-quality panties. But, thankfully there are wholesale suppliers like SNMBasics that do the work of producing and procuring high-quality panties for you.

Helps You Scale Up

Scaling up on the panties stock is essential under several conditions. If you are a fashionista or a fashion enthusiast small business, having a wide range of panties in your stock is a must. And in this regard, buying bulk panties from trusted wholesalers makes your life easier.

All these things help you scale and level up on your business. It creates a reputation for your store where customers can find various undergarments under one roof.


In business, buying in bulk always yields better profit as it reduces the per-unit cost of the product. As for panties, the bulk price significantly reduces the price, thus increasing the profit margin in the long run.

As an individual, buying panties in bulk is profitable. Firstly, you can get a decent offer when purchasing in bulk. Secondly, selling worn panties is a good side business if you’re into cam shows, modeling, etc.

Looking for Affordable Women’s Underwear in Bulk?

Considering the above facts, the demand for panties on the go is on the rise. And this calls for a steady supply of good quality and affordable lineup of panties. This is where SNMBasics come into the picture.

SNM Basics offer wholesale solutions for business owners. Not only that, but individual owners can also buy luxurious and affordable panties. Besides, you can avail of some exclusive offers if you purchase large quantities. So, make sure to contact through the website to get an offer today.

The website is straightforward to use, and one look at the panties will tell you the details and the wow factor in each of their products, not to mention their competitive pricing. It’s just too good of an offer if you ask me.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, for business owners and individuals, buying panties in bulk is an investment worth making. Considering how important of a fashion statement it has become in women’s lives, it’s safe to assume that panties sales will continue to rise in the future.

So, if you’re a concerned business owner, having such insights is useless without a reliable supplier for buying panties in bulk. And in my opinion, SNM Basics is one store that fits the bill.

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