How to Source Wholesale Panties in the USA

The business of selling panties in retail is very profitable. Textile businessmen in the USA make tons of profit from sourcing at cheap rates. As buyers, these businessmen keep the economy of a country like Bangladesh rolling. Buying panties from wholesalers is a big business, but sourcing the right way and the right amount paves the way for real success. 

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If you want to purchase wholesale panties for business, the first thing that will hit your mind is where to source the materials.

For established businesses, the supply chain is usually solid with enough vendors or suppliers.

However, for growing and new businesses, sourcing materials and wholesale products become a bit of a headache. Businessmen have to decide whether to source domestically or from overseas.

And they also have to consider the medium of sourcing: online or offline.  


One way to source wholesale panties is to target the home country sellers. There are many small businesses that sell panties and undergarments for merchandisers throughout the USA. We look at some advantages of domestic sourcing:


The domestic wholesalers would cater to your taste and style more than the foreign suppliers. 

Another significant advantage you can gain from domestic sourcing is the delivery time.  Shipping times will be much less from suppliers located in the USA. You can even visit their factories or shops to have a closer look at the materials.


A major drawback of sourcing domestically is that you will get a limited variety of product choices when purchasing compared to manufacturers from overseas. That is, if you focus on a specific niche or an exclusive category of panty types, home country wholesalers may fail to provide you that.

Historically, overseas suppliers in Bangladesh, China, India, Taiwan, and some other Asian countries have proven themselves better at niche product and material sourcing. 

The other major problem with buying in the US is the cost of course. You can get the same bulk amount that you order from the US at a much cheaper price from overseas suppliers. 


Sourcing from countries like Bangladesh, India, or China has many advantages for you. We look at some of them below.


The first advantage that would come to mind is variety.  Purchasing (or importing) from a Bangladeshi supplier would give you access to more vivid materials and clothing.  With the cultural diversity that exists in countries like Bangladesh and India, you can expect countless blended offerings. 

Also, the labor costs are much lower from overseas.  Especially when you think of Bangladesh, the cheaper labor costs encourage foreign buyers to invest here. 

And not to forget the international trade relationships and agreements that get boosted by imports. 

Also, wholesale bulk buying is much cheaper in Bangladesh as compared to others.  You can also focus on particular niches to buy from. 


Despite the evident positives of overseas purchase and importing, two slight problems exist in this choice. One is the shipping time which is obviously more in overseas sourcing. And the other is the possible lack of quality that one may face when importing. 

A third probable problem that some buyers face in importing is that of appropriate communications. As we keep on increasing online communications day by day, the essence of face-to-face interaction is getting lost. This sometimes leads to the inability of both the buyer and seller to thoroughly understand each other’s needs. 

Regardless of the aforesaid disadvantages of overseas wholesale sourcing, the positives outweigh the negatives.  Importers frequently look at overseas exporters to fulfill their clothing needs, especially of undergarments. One such trustworthy player is SNM Basic of Bangladesh. Our undergarments line, especially for women, is transcending borders and norms and creating a bridge in the RMG business that can potentially exist for infinity. 

Vetting Suppliers

Selecting a supplier for the delivery of work can be a bit complicated. Our target usually is to find a supplier for a long-term relationship.  This obviously reduces the cost of rehiring and reevaluating suppliers in the future. 

In the undergarments wholesale industry, vetting suppliers can be lengthy and cumbersome as many prefer importers or overseas suppliers. Thankfully, B2B processes and online and digital communications have made is much simpler to source suppliers. But there are some basic measuring sticks you need to be aware of before selecting a supplier:  

  • Request for quotation (RFQ)


Buyers or importers send RFQs to vendors as a formal request to know about the vendor’s pricing and payment information about the work at hand. But unlike the Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP), the RFQ rarely includes queries or questions. This is because the buyer already knows what they require when sending this document. The RFQ may include a TOR (Terms of Reference) detailing the deliverables and requirements for the work.  


This document or communication material should only be sent when you are fully aware of the market and the work to be executed. This request usually leads to the execution of work via Work Order.


After posting RFQs on your website, tender portals or social media, or even emailing potential suppliers, you should wait for the responses. After getting the responses, compare the quotations of the suppliers and select the one with the best pricing and relevant conditions. 

  • MOQ

MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity is a common requirement by wholesale suppliers, wholesale distributors, and B2B businesses. These businesses usually sell or resell in bulk or large quantities for profitability.

MOQ is basically the minimum quantity of a product a customer or buyer must order for the seller to fulfill the order. The MOQ has to be such that the seller is willing to sell the materials or products. 

Determining MOQ is practiced in online B2B businesses and is a very common practice in the RMG sector. You should check the MOQ of your suppliers during your evaluation process and choose the supplier that provides the most reasonable MOQ. This will allow for a further decision regarding additional quantities and also help you decide the minimum you want to pay for the order. 

  • Shipping Times

A highly deciding factor is the shipping time of your supplier. Domestic suppliers usually won’t give you sleepless nights with shipping times. But when looking overseas, which we recommend for wholesale panties buying, shipping time directly impacts your costing and indirectly impacts business sustainability. 


You should select the supplier who can provide you with the best quality order in the minimum time.  Yes, suppliers will claim that better quality means longer delivery time. But you should make a balance and judge the feasibility of shipping times so that your business is not hampered.  SNM Basic makes it easy for its valued buyers to receive delivery quickly, even from the long-distance supply.

Buying Wholesale Online

As wholesale panties sourcing is best managed overseas, we suggest you try SNM Basic’ collection. We provide online forms for our buyers to fill. We also communicate online for supply matters and ensure support is available 24×7. 

In addition to these, we ensure RFQs are responded properly, MOQs are set accordingly and shipping times are reduced to the convenience of our buyers. 

All these are managed online, as digital communications is our key strength. Online B2B transactions are allowing smooth buying of wholesale products online. Something which we are capitalizing on.  

Final Words

For the buyers residing in the USA or even Canada, it is advisable to source wholesale undergarments from overseas. Because you can source the most suitable niches and at much cheaper costs. This will definitely help your profit and growth.  And if you want to know more about how Bangladesh is your best option for it visit SNM Basic.

Choosing the right supplier for your business is not an easy task but is worth the risk in the long run if you can maintain the relationship well. Because ultimately, their pricing of panties determines your pricing strategy to a good degree. So, get started on purchasing panties in bulk, starting with SNM Basic’s collections

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