High Waisted Cotton Panties for Wholesale

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Product Details:

  • Comfortable and Flexible
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • High rise waistband underwear
  • Smooth, soft, comfortable
  • Underwears with full back coverage
  • No riding up

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Women’s High Waisted Cotton Panties

Much of our hygiene, comfort, and workability depend on one important thing: Choosing the right underwear! And when it comes to making good quality underwear, SNM Apparels has always been somewhere at the top. This time, SNM Apparels has introduced something specifically for women: the best high-waisted cotton underwear. Yes, we made a bold claim.



Let’s see why:

Splendid Texture and Material

These high-waisted cotton panties are composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex fiber. The cotton-made part makes the product soft and stretchy, whereas the spandex fiber makes it durable. This makes the product neither too tight nor too loose. The subtle texture makes it long-lasting and capable of repeated machine washing.

From Grinding at Gym to Working Long Office Hours

These high-rise panties have been made keeping in mind your busy and versatile schedule: Starting the day by getting up from bed, going for a jog or hitting the gym, or maybe working long tedious office hours. The wide, breathable crotch gives room for proper air circulation. Additionally, the cotton material helps in sweat-wicking, further adding adequate protection.

Elastic and Absorbent

The waistband is composed of a very soft material. There are about 2 cm wide elastic strings inside the double-layered waistband. The high-waisted underwear is perfectly cut near the thigh region and so it adheres to the skin in optimum tightness. As a result, the entirety of perspiration and sweat is absorbed by the material keeping the crotch and hip region completely hygienic. The panties are also enough for attaching pads.

Perfect Fit and Multiple Sizes

The waistband is made in such a way so that it doesn’t roll, twist or ride up. The panties also cover the entirety of the hip region; this makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The panties are suitable for women of all abdominal structures: round, triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle. It’s also available in size different sizes for people of different age groups.

A Slick Design

It’s not only about the fitting and comfort, this high-rise cotton underwear is also about fashion! The aesthetic color combination of black and grey makes the underwear eye-catching and fashionable. You can even wear it under any kind of dress no matter what the occasion is: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New year, etc. it’s not a bad option for sleeping after a long and exhausting day too.

Well, you can already see how stylish, practical and comfortable the underwear is. Don’t forget to grab yours before it runs out of stock!

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