Face Mask with Velcro Headband for wholesale

Key features:

  • Face mask with velcro straps
  • Machine Washable
  • 3 layers of cotton jersey
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Pocket for filters


Product details:

  • Length: 13 cm or 5.10 inch
  • Width: 19 cm or 7.45 inch
  • Length loop to loop: 32 cm or 9.05 inch
  • Circumference of each loop: 50 cm or 19.65 inch
  • Product weight: 23 gram or 0.80 ounce
  • Materials: Cotton

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SNM Basic strives to deliver superior quality items to its valued customers. It is a face mask with Velcro straps that offer comfort and value to the customers. 

The reflection of SNM Basic’s mission is seen in the black-colored mask design. The design provides ease of use at a reasonable price. This Velcro face mask has higher efficiency due to its 3-ply structure. This package contains 6 pieces of Velcro Face Masks.

Our velcro mask contains an adjustable strap for relief of tension around the ears and for neck wearing when you are not using the mask. As you are wearing it on your neck when you are not using it, it is good for repeatedly taking your mask on and off. Featured with an adjustable strap, it doesn’t hurt your ears. That’s why you can wear the velcro mask for a long time. This mask is the best option for students and employees who wear masks for long periods of time.


Quality Construction

This face mask with Velcro straps has 100% ultra-soft cotton materials sewn to perfection. It offers protection against pollution with the softest three-layer fabric. Therefore, it will keep everyone safe against dust, dirt, and many other harmful particles! 

This Velcro face mask stands out from its competitors due to the pure quality it possesses. This mask is comfortable for constant and prolonged wear. 

Irrespective of the layers and excellent features, this face mask with a Velcro pattern remains breathable. In turn, ensuring the perfect amount of ventilation. 


Comfortable Stretch Loops

Another amazing feature of this Velcro face mask is the high level of comfort it has. The mask has cotton jersey head loops that are stretchy and soft. Therefore, making them comfortable to wear all day long without the feeling of stress on the ears.

Customers can enjoy flexible comfort and support at the same time! The face mask with Velcro straps will not wear out like plastic straps. 


Versatile Filter Pockets

This SNM Velcro face mask has a unique pocket situated on the inner side. It is where a disposable filter is inserted whenever required. 

It offers an extra layer of protection! Customers can avail this useful feature and use it with maximum efficiency. However, the filter is not included in the purchase. 


Adjustable Pattern Velcro Straps

The face mask has a comfortable and adjustable Velcro pattern strap for easy neck-wearing. It helps relieve the tension around the ears. 

With these masks, you relieve your ears of those painful rashes and sores!  


The Correct Shape

SNM Basics understands the annoyance of constantly adjusting a flat-shaped mask. Therefore, the Velcro face mask was made carefully with an innovative design that ensures the right fit. 

The face mask with Velcro pattern has a curved shape that fits the customer’s face with perfection. It is equipped with a metal strap wire that keeps it from slipping off. There is no need to fix the position constantly! 

With this Velcro face mask secured on their faces, everyone can focus on their work. They will have protection from dust, mites, and cold wind. 


High-Level Flexibility

Individuals who have a relatively larger face structure might find it difficult to get a suitable mask. Well, the SNM Velcro face mask is perfect! 

The high level of flexibility makes the fit feasible for different face sizes. The loops of the face mask with Velcro straps will not break off even after continuous stretching. 


Machine Washable

This Velcro face mask is reusable and washable in the machine! Even after multiple washes, there will not be any quality deficiency. 

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