Bulk Head Strap Masks Combo for Women (White, Pink & Purple)

Key features:

  • Machine Washable
  • 3 layers of cotton jersey
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Pocket for filters

Product details:

  • Length: 13 cm or 5.10 inch
  • Width: 19 cm or 7.45 inch
  • Length loop to loop: 32 cm or 9.05 inch
  • Circumference of each loop: 50 cm or 19.65 inch
  • Product weight: 23 gram or 0.80 ounce
  • Materials: Cotton

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SNM Basic always strives to provide value to its customers by manufacturing SUPERIOR quality items, and these head strap masks reflect just that. This special combo package for women contains 3 pieces of head strap masks of three different colors (White, Pink, and Purple) on amazon.

Head Strap Masks are great for employees and students who need to wear them for a long time. As it doesn’t hurt and irritate your ear, you can wear it all day long. You can wear it on the neck when not using it and easily wear it very fast again when needed. As you can wear it on your neck, it is easy to take your mask on and off repeatedly. People who are using eyeglasses, especially women wearing earrings, head strap masks would be great choices for them.

Best Mask After Ear Surgery or Otoplasty

If you have recent ear surgery or otoplasty, it’s not possible to use earloop masks. So, a head strap mask is the best one for you. It lets you use an adjustable head strap and an adjustable neck strap to wear it perfectly. As it goes around your head and neck, it does not hurt your ears.

Best Mask for Hearing Aids Users

People who are using hearing aids face trouble using earloop masks. If you are one of them, our head strap masks are made especially for you. It does not cause any trouble with hearing aids like earloop masks.

High-Quality Material

Our masks are made of 100% cotton, which is sewn in 3 layers and offers protection against dust and dirt. They can also be worn comfortably for hours.

Pocket for Filters

There is a pocket where you can insert filters into this mask. The filters are not included. An integrated filter pocket can be conveniently filled with filters


Ear Saver

The head straps of the mask are stretchable. Take the stress off your ears with this tie behind the mask. It helps you to relieve rashes and painful sores on your ears.


Comfortable Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket

Made from soft, 3-ply t-shirt cotton, these masks make it easy to follow the guidance that we all wear masks to keep each other healthy. They are designed to be washable and reusable: just toss it into the washer when you get home and wash it the next time you run a load of laundry. They also have a pocket for you to easily insert a filter for extra protection while still easily breathing through the mask.


Curved Shape to Fit Your Face Better

Our masks have a center seam to allow the shape of the mask to curve around the fit of your face.
We find that they fit a lot better, and are a lot more comfortable than the cheaper masks that are flat and don’t fit your face. Head Strap Face Mask

Stretchy Jersey Head Straps Are Comfortable

Our cotton jersey head straps are designed to be both stretchy and soft so that the mask is comfortable enough to wear all day. We went with cotton jersey head straps rather than elastic because we found that elastic hurt the ears and tends to wear out after washing. This mask is used by a head strap with a stopper system. And we stitched our head straps with a cover stitch, rather than the lockstitch many cheaper masks use because a cover stitch will stretch with the fabric, making the head straps much more comfortable. It’s also suitable for air, cold and rainy areas to maintain.



You can wash and reuse your mask over and over again. Throw it in your clothes washer and it will wash up nicely.

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