How To Wear A Face Mask Properly?

While wearing a face mask does not seem to be complicated at all, many are still doing it wrong. And wearing your mask wrong can accidentally expose you to the threats of the dangerous COVID-19.

Only wearing your mask perfectly can help prevent or reduce the risks of the spread of the pandemic through social distancing. Not only the pandemic, but you can also get rid of the dust and pollution outside.

Additionally, the main purpose of the mask here is to save others from your illness as well as protect yourself from others. So, take a look at this guide to help you wear your face mask properly.

What is a Face Mask?

Face masks are tools that help you protect yourself from spreading or getting affected by a contagious disease. They are also known as medical, laser, isolation, dental, or surgical masks. Face masks can cover the nose and the mouth with ear loops tied to the back of your head.

Several brands have come up making face masks with different styles, colors, and types. However, all cater to the same purpose of protection. However, ensure that the FDA approves the face mask you are wearing.

What is the Purpose of a Face Mask?

Facemasks are worn to limit the spread of germs. While talking, coughing, or sneezing, you may release tiny drops of saliva or mucus into the air that are infectious and can harm others. And the same can happen to you if you face those germs released from anybody else.

An ill person can help save others by wearing a face mask and limiting the spread of germs that can make other people sick. A face mask typically protects the wearer’s nose and mouth from the contact of bodily fluids that come in the form of droplets and sprays.

When Should You Wear a Face Mask?

You should consider wearing a face mask when you are unwell, have caught the flu, have a cough or sneezing illness, but you have to be around other people. Wearing a face mask will protect the people around you from catching the germs of your illness and falling sick.

The healthcare settings have certain rules as to when you should wear a face mask.

How to Wear a Face Mask Properly?

Are you aware of the appropriate steps of wearing your face mask correctly? If not, go through these steps mentioned below to wear your face mask properly. This would ensure sufficient protection for and from others.

Wear Facemask Properly
  • Clean your hands thoroughly using soap and water or a hand sanitizer before touching your mask.
  • Ensure that your mask has no holes and that the front of the mask is always facing outward.
  • Face masks with ear loops should be secured with one loop behind each ear.
  • A face mask with ties should be worn to the nose level, tied over the crown of your head, and secured with a bow.
  • Once worn in place, pinch the stiff edge to blend it in the shape of your nose and keep it secured so that it doesn’t fell below the nose level.
  • Stretch the bottom of the mask and cover your mouth and chin with it.
  • Ensure there are no gaps on the sides of the masks.

With all these steps in place, you can now step outside undoubtedly.

Steps to Take Further

It cannot be forgotten that putting on a face mask is important and as such, additional factors are to be kept in mind to ensure full protection. Only then can you expect the mask to fulfill its purpose and prevent the virus from approaching your mouth or nose.

  • The virus can touch the outside of your mask. So, avoid touching or fidgeting the mask’s exteriors.
  • Avoid touching your face and remove your mask only with the help of the side straps.
  • Ensure that you wear the disposable face masks only once and throw them away.
  • Washing fabric face masks should be done using warm water and then completely drying them on medium or high heat.


Face Masks and People with Beards

Individuals with some facial hair, like beards, can have a problem fitting their facemask. Masks help best when they fit you well. So, people with beards can shave their beards or trim them close to their faces to fit their masks better.

Alternately, people with beards can use a brace or a mask fitter. You can wear a disposable mask under a cloth mask for multiple fabric layers. The second mask should cover the first one entirely.

If you have not trimmed your beard close to your face, your face mask may lay loose around your beard.
Still, you should not avoid a mask. Brands are working on masks specifically meant for people with beards, and you will have more information about it soon.


Wrapping It Up!

Wearing your face mask is essential to protect you and the ones around you from threats of the virus and the dust pollution outside. You need not worry about sufficient airflow while you wear your mask. Cloth and surgical masks allow the CO2 to go loose through the pores of the mask.

CO2 molecules are small enough to penetrate through the fabric of the mask material easily. But the respiratory droplets carrying the virus are relatively larger. Hence, they cannot pass through a properly designed and worn mask.

Besides, you can wear the cotton reusable face masks incorporated with a flat-shaped adjustable mechanism to enable sufficient flexibility. Also, they are highly fashionable and high-quality face masks by SNM Apparels, ensuring enough protection. So, get one and wear your facemask properly.

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