How To Stop Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Mask

Wearing glasses along with a face mask can be tricky indeed! People who wear glasses often face the issue of fog accumulating on the lens. This issue is caused due to the restricted airflow, leading to the body heat getting trapped between your mask and glasses.

Among the multiple ways you can tackle this, the most effective solution is maintaining your glasses properly. We have listed a few tips and tricks to aid you further and enhance your vision!


Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

The reason your glasses get fogged up while wearing a face mask is due to hot air moving upwards. As you breathe warm air through your mouth, it rises upwards and comes in contact with the lens of your glasses.

The surface of the glasses is cooler than the air that comes in contact with it. Therefore, tiny droplets form on the glasses and eventually create a foggy layer due to condensation. 

You can deal with this issue in particular by following the actions mentioned below.


Using Soap Solution

Cleaning your glasses with the right tools can go a long way in solving the issue of fogging durably. The following steps can help reduce the surface tension on the glasses and prevent the accumulation of fog: 

  1. Prepare a mixture of soap and water. It is recommended to use a soap that does not have lotion in its formulation. 
  2. Clean the lens region with this solution very gently.
  3. Allow it to dry naturally in the air. If you are in a hurry, you can carefully dry the glasses with cold air.
Using Soap Solution for glass

These steps will ensure that a thin film is obtained on the surface of the lens. This layer will prevent condensation and halt fogging effectively.

Wearing Masks without Nose Gaps

Securing the region around your nose and closing the gaps will prevent the air from your mouth from moving up. The unique ways through which you can achieve this are:

  • Nose Bridge Masks: You can purchase masks that have a metallic strip near the nose region. They conceal the excess gaps and ensure that your breath does not escape upwards.
  • Double Strap Masks: Masks with four different straps in total offer more coverage than the usual dual strip masks. You can check out head and neck strap masks that are known to serve the purpose effectively.
  • Using Tape: Although this is not a permanent solution, you can use sticky tape to hold your mask in place. This hack will come in handy during emergencies.
  • Nylon Stockings: Nylon stockings are known to offer a snug fit around your ear and mouth. It will help you hold your mask in place. As a result, fog will not accumulate near your eyes.
  • DIY Support: You can use pipe cleaners or other tube-like structures and sew them onto your mask. This will act as a replica of the nose bridge.

Applying Suitable Solvents

Another proven method of preventing foggy glasses is to use the proper cleaning solutions on them. As mentioned above, a soap solution is one of the best options that you can avail of. However, we have tried to find a few more specific alternatives as well.

De-Mist Spray: As the name suggests, this spray will prevent fog formation on your glasses. These sprays are available online. You can obtain the suggestions of your optometrist to check the nature of the coating on your lens.

Shaving Foam: You can apply a thin layer of your regular shaving foam. Wash it off under cold water. The residual film left by the foam will protect the glasses and reduce the chances of condensation.


Wearing the Glasses Over the Mask

This simple yet worthy hack can save you from impairing your vision at no extra costs or tools. You can place your mask underneath your glasses while wearing them. 

This step will ensure that the air from your mouth leaves through the front portion of the mask instead of upwards.


Wearing a Velcro Strap or Head Band

The distance between your ears and your nose may be too short for the mask to serve its purpose properly. This can increase the chances of the build-up of fog and steam caused by your breath.

Hence, you can practice wearing a velcro mask or headband that is positioned at the back of your head. It will secure your glasses and mask in their respective positions. This step will assist you in avoiding the shifting of location unnecessarily.

Using Tissues

Tissues can act as a buffer layer and prevent the build-up of steam near the lens of your glasses. This is not a permanent solution and can be rather uncomfortable as well. However, you can use it as a last resort if you do not have any other alternatives at hand.

Simply fold the tissue according to the structure of your nose and place it underneath the mask. It will cover all the extra gaps between your mask and your nose and ensure that the mask does not release air upwards.

Wrapping It Up

Wearing a mask can be pretty uncomfortable if you wear glasses as well. However, you cannot skip out on either of these options in case you do not have secondary alternatives. Therefore, gearing up with convenient hacks will help you manage this predicament.

All the various methods mentioned above have been tried and tested already. Therefore, you can try the method that suits you best and begin implementing it in your routine!

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