Women Nude and Black Color Panties Combo

Product Details:

  • Super soft
  • Long-lasting
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • 100% lined cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Nude & Black Color Mix

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The underwear is known for its superior quality. It is recommended to wear well-fitted underwear as it provides you with comfort, allows your skin to breathe, and avoids moisture buildup.

Cotton underwear is the most preferred owing to its supreme comfort and ease of use. They are recommended for vaginal health as they avoid moisture buildup and bacterial growth and are known for their soft and gentle nature on the skin.

We provide you with multiple options for purchasing the product. These panties are available for wholesale as well as you can order a single piece on Amazon. If you are thinking of a bulk amount of nude and black panties for business purposes, you can order at a cheap price.

Product Makeup

The product is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The crotch area is made of 100% cotton to provide maximum comfort. Elastane, also known as spandex, is known for its breathability, low heat retention, and exceptionally high stretchability. It is a lightweight and synthetic fiber used to make stretchable clothing. The product is lightweight, soft, gentle on the skin, and lasts long.

Wash and Care Instructions

It is completely machine washable. It is recommended to wash them with warm (not hot) water. It is advisable to separate the blacks from the nude colors while washing. They can be let to hang dry in the shade to help preserve the quality of the underwear. These measures will ensure the long life of the product.

Product Qualities

There is a range of qualities that set the product apart from others in the market.

Seamless Finish

Finding panties that fit seamlessly under all types of clothing is a common challenge faced by women. We provide the solution for this by offering a range of underwear with a seamless finish.

The nude and black panties range boasts a flat elastic waistband that makes it ideal to use under dresses, pants, and skirts alike. It hits the brief as the perfect daily wear underwear for women.

Comfortable, Soft, and Incredibly Breathable

As they are made with 100% cotton, the panties are soft, which provides maximum comfort. They are also lightweight and breathable, making them very comfortable for long hours.

Flexible and High Performance

The premium panties possess a 4-way stretch design that provides ultimate flexibility. It allows a wide range of movement without causing any friction, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of rashes and skin chafing.

Round the Clock Usability

The pack of 7 panties (4 black and 3 nudes) provides users with the needed supply for an entire week. They are reasonably priced and can be used for all occasions and purposes daily. Due to the high level of comfort they provide, they can also be worn when sleeping.

There is a range of factors that make the SNM range of panties ideal for your daily use. Buy them now in bulk to save money and enjoy a comfortable experience day in and day out.


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